Shipping Information

Please login and pay for your koi if you have not done so already. After you pay for your koi please email us as to when and how you would like to receive your koi. If you can please include the koi item number or numbers in your email, we would appreciate it.   

We need to know if you will be picking up your koi or would prefer us to ship via air cargo to an airport near you (approx. cost is $60-$100) or UPS to your door (approx. cost $100-$160). We ship Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. Air cargo is sent COD and you pick up at the airport, ALL air cargo boxes have a $20 box fee added to them that is billed separately through PayPal. UPS is billed through us and we will send you a PayPal request for the box fee and shipping fees. We require a two-day minimum notice on all shipments.  

You can fit the following koi into one box:   

7-9 inch: 10 max  

10-12 inch: 6 max  

13-15 inch: 3 max  

16-20 inch: 2 max  

20 inch plus: 1 max  


All winning weekly auctions must be paid within 5 days of winning the koi. If payment is not received by the Friday following the auction, we will assume you do not want the Koi and you will forfeit the koi. Shipping must be arranged within 14 days of winning. If you do not arrange shipping within 14 days, we cannot guarantee the health of your koi. If you do not ship your koi within 30 days, we will bill you for boarding fees. You may combine two weeks’ worth of auctions into one shipment.  


Please note that our office is closed Sunday and Monday. We ship Koi fish Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Our staff goes to the airport between 10am and 3pm on those days. If you need us to go to the airport after those hours there will be a $50 fee added for labor. ALL air cargo boxes have a $20 box fee added to them that is billed separately through PayPal.   

It is a pleasure doing business with you.  


Thank you!  

Wes & Michelle Parker  

And Team COTS Koi 


P.S. We have made allowances for you to keep your koi here without boarding fees added 12/1/20 to 3/1/21 for those in colder climates. We still need communication from you and koi health is not guaranteed after 14days. 



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